Our Team

Each one of our trainers plays an active role in the club community and we all share the responsibility of creating an environment that supports your overall health. As coaches in the circuit our team will inspire and motivate you to get the most out of every workout. Additionally, each team member offers unique expertise and professionalism that ensures that your individual needs will be met.

Meet “Captain Cal”:Cal

Cal ventured into the fitness business in 2009, bringing with her a passion for physical well-being. Having experienced many physical challenges as a result of numerous injuries and back surgeries, Cal models the benefits of regular exercise and understands first-hand the challenges of physical limitation.

Cal’s joyful and uplifting personality shines in her interactions with all members in the club, as she encourages and motivates women through even the most challenging times.

As a Personal Trainer and Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, Cal offers inspiration to women of all physical abilities so that they can experience more energy, pain relief, and an improved quality of life. She is proficient at developing both group and individual programs to accommodate any variety of fitness objectives.

In her free time, Cal enjoys joking and laughing with her children, working in the garden, playing scrabble, and listening to music.

Meet Cori-Ann “Sweetpea”:

Cori-Ann has an 8 year history with the fitness industry. Prior to becoming a fitness coach, Cori-Ann’s background includes working with children, youth and adults with special needs. As a result of her career in fitness, Cori-Ann has discovered a new found respect for well-being in body, mind, and spirit. She is passionate about helping women find happiness that will sustain them through any adversity, and help them to be positive and confident models of self-respect and wellness.Cori-Ann

Represented in her business and personal practice, Cori-Ann demonstrates integrity, gratitude, patience, and respect for all. Topping her list of values is faith, family, and community – all of which, you will witness at CORE.

You can take advantage of connecting with Cori-Ann through her fitness and life coaching program, in a group setting or in one on one sessions.

In her free time you will find Cori-Ann snuggling and playing with her children, reading books, volunteering in her faith community, and singing with her choir.

Meet Sheila “Supersocks”:Sheila

Sheila is a professional who has been working as a trainer with our community for almost 10 years. As a registered dietician, she offers a wealth of knowledge and tips to wise and healthy nutritional choices. Recently certified as an Oracle reader, Sheila is also prepared to meet you for an individual session to provide you with spiritual guidance on your individual journey.

Meet Margot:

MargotMargot is local parent of two young adults, has more than 4 years experience as a trainer, and she is a “jack of all trades”. With a personal interest in her physical well-being, Margot enjoys playing hockey, walking, cycling, and rollerblading. Margot is quick to get to know your name and is prepared to challenge and motivate you with your fitness routine.

Theresa2Meet Theresa:

A wonderfully skilled QiGong instructor, Theresa offers wealth of expertise in physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With gentle subtlety, Theresa will encourage you to challenge your limitations and overcome roadblocks to your complete well-being. With a variety of skills and certifications, Theresa provides unique care and attention to you throughout your workouts.

Meet Rachel:

Our youngest team member, Rachel is a lively and dynamic coach who will inspire you to believe that you can Racheldo anything. Rachel consistently offers charm and physical fitness, and will not let you get bored with your routine.

Meet Sibeal:

Sibeal has six years of fitness instructor experience. She is a certified yoga instructor (through YogaFit) as well as a certified Zumba instructor. She believes that there is always a way to make exercise enjoyable and is excited to help you find a new health passion, whether it’s through finding your zen space or getting your party-groove on!