Core Uniqueness

CORE Uniqueness

Physical fitness is only one of 3 main ingredients to lifelong health. At CORE, we believe that lifelong health means giving equal attention to body, mind, AND spirit and we are prepared to support you in maintaining a commitment to your lifelong health.

The team at CORE shares a particular interest in the overall care and wellbeing of each of our members. We have an unprecedented ability to cater to women with special needs, limitations, or illness and our programs are accessible to all. The friendly community atmosphere gives you personal attention and caters to your individual needs. We are devoted to our community and we strive to include each of our members in an unique fitness experience that leaves them with a sense of value, hope, and wholeness.
No other fitness club compares with the community and spirit that is thriving at CORE.

Come for the exercise and stay for the fun and friendly smile, OR come for the fun and friendly smile and stay for the exercise.

Trainers at CORE are professionals who are dedicated to supporting your fitness plan. Every member of team comes with a wealth of experience in coaching physical and mental well-being. Within our team, we offer a dietician, qigong and yoga instructors, fitness and life coach, physiotherapist, specialized fitness coaches, and personal trainers – including Cancer Exercise Specialists.

Most importantly, you will soon experience the genuine care from a team of trainers who are invested in supporting you in your health and wellness. Wether you are looking to maintain or improve your fitness level, each of our trainers will motivate you along the way.