Strength/Conditioning Circuit

As you walk into Core, you will see our Strength/Conditioning Circuit – a series of resistance machines. This is the foundation of our program and the beauty is that you can hop on the circuit at any time. Other than specialty classes, there is no specific start time.

Each machine is used for a 30 second strength training push followed by 30 seconds of active recovery. The sequence of machines target all major muscle groups and active recovery sets you up for the next machine – ready to give it all you have. Our toning machines use hydraulic based resistance that automatically adjust to your performance level. This workout is designed to meet the needs of every individual regardless of age or ability. As you get stronger and build endurance over time, active recovery can diversify and intensify your workout with push ups, squats, lunges, steps, free weights, and cardio. Our fitness coach will demonstrate possible moves, or you can look to your neighbours for inspiration. Or, come up with your own moves and inspire others!
The whole Circuit is completed in 30 minutes, giving you a complete workout that doesn’t steal time from your busy schedule.

Just as structure requires a strong foundation, The Core Conditioning Circuit is the foundation upon which all other classes and a la cart workshops are built.

Take advantage of our strength/conditioning circuit to gain full body toning while increasing your heart rate for optimal cardiovascular fitness.