About Us


We know that walking through the door of the gym can be overwhelming so we’ve created a safe and welcoming environment that invites to come as you are.

CORE Fitness Club is a fitness community that caters to women with demanding lives, and who care about their wellbeing. Our complete 30 minute workouts provide cardiovascular and strength training that promotes healthy living for women of all ages. Members benefit from the flexibility of our open circuit, or can opt to join one our scheduled classes. A qualified trainer is always on-hand to coach and motivate during your workout and we are prepared to help you achieve your individual goals. A variety of fitness equipment allows you to modify and adjust your program based on your specific needs regardless of physical limitations or ability.


At CORE Fitness Club, members who actively and regularly participate in our health and wellness programs will experience improvements in physical well-being as well as joy and contentment. As a result these women will feel genuine self-confidence that will support them in achieving life long benefits in body, mind, and spirit. Participants will embrace their lives with purpose and value. Members will be leaders in creating lasting and meaningful relationships that promote total well-being and care for self and others.

Mission Statement

CORE Fitness Club is a community that promotes women’s health and well-being through physical fitness, education, and professional services. With compassion for all ages and abilities, CORE Fit adapts and integrates fitness services to meet the varied needs of our diverse population. Each member is recognized and appreciated for their uniqueness, and is treated with care and respect. Education and seminars promote health and wellness, relaxation, and total well-being. Community fundraising initiatives allow members to work together towards supporting local and international initiatives that foster wellness for the global population.